Education Compendium

A collection of materials for teachers and students in various subjects in late secondary and early tertiary education.

The two main topics are intended to be Maths and Physics. I use LaTeX almost excusively to produce various types of document so there is also a LaTeX section. The about page expands on why I'm doing this, the bio page is a lttle about who I am and the structure page explains the structure of the site as a whole.

So far I've started the Maths and LaTeX sections. I have a significant amount of material from my old education web site about Physics, but I need to reformat it all before putting it here. There'll be some new stuff coming soon now that I've started studying it again myself.

The following is a new Stack Exchange web site proposal. It's for questions about mathematics education.

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Mathematics Learning, Studying, and Education

The following is a link to the Physics Forums. An excellent place for asking any question you have about Physics.

Physics Forums